All Star by Smash Mouth is featured on Ultimate Just Dance 2's Demo and Just Dance Now 2.0.

(NOTE: The Classic Dancer and it's appearance was all made by OZCAR LIAMZ who helped me and allowed me to use this, please check his other fanmade songs out)

Appearance of the Dancer


The dancer is a man that wears a black hat, gray T-Shirt, slightly lighter gray jeans black sneakers, and light blue glove.

New All Star


The dancer is similar to the Sweat mode of Summer, except all of the blue coloring is now red and all of the neon green is light orange. His glove is neon green.

Sweat Coach All Star



The background is a wrinkled up piece of paper that has the words "Just Dance", "All Star" and "Rock Star" and a bunch of other doodles.


It is the Sweat background in Just Dance 2014


All Star has a Mashup that comes in the demo, though in the final game though it costs 2000 Mojo coins, or 20 for old gen consoles. It has the theme Best Of Just Dance 2018 , all dancers are from Just Dance 2018

Dancers (in order of appearance)

Party Master Mode

All Star has a Party Master Mode in the final version of the game that has yet to be confirmed.

Gold Moves


There are 3 Gold Moves in the classic Routine

Gold Moves 1 and 2: Simply put your right hand up.

Gold Move 3: Hit your hands together on top of your head

Sweat (Beta)

There is 1 Gold Move in the Sweat Routine's Beta:

Gold Move: Put both hands down quickly

All Star Sweat GM Picto


There are 4 Gold moves in the new Sweat Routine, they are all done consecutively

Gold Move 1: Put your hands out while bending over

Gold Move 2: Put your right hand up

Gold Move 3: Similar to Gold Move 1 but standing up more

Gold Move 4: Quickly flick your right hand towards the screen


There are 2 Gold Moves in the routine

Gold Moves: Lift up your right leg and open your arms to the left. (Jailhouse Rock)



The classic routine appears in Party Master Modes

  • Combing my hair
  • Double Punch
  • Punch Out


  • This is the fourth song from a Shrek movie in the main series after Funkytown, Livin La Vida Loco and Holding Out For A Hero.
  • A beta of the Classic Coach can be found in the games files.
  • Once again the classic coach was made by OZCAR LIAMZ. #OZCARLIAMZ thank you so much.



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