Chained To The Rhythm
Game(s) Just Dance Planet
Just Dance Goals 2
Just Dance Realness 2
Artist Katy Perry Ft. Skip Marley
Year 2017
Released Date(s)
No. of Gold Moves
No. of Shake Moves
Dancer Gender(s) Female (JDP/JDG2/JDR2)
Unknown (Hands Version) (JDR2)
Alternate Routines
Dance Mode Solo (JDP/JDG2/JDR2)
Trio (Hands Version) (JDR2)
Menu Color Cerise (JDR2)
Silver (Hands Version) (JDR2)
Pictogram Color Tawny Port (JDR2)
Blue/Red/Harlequin (Hands Version) (JDR2)
Glove Color Rose (JDR2)
Arapawa/Dark Burgundy/Japanese Laurel (Hands Version) (JDR2)
Lyrics Color Yellow (JDR2)
Purple Pizzazz (Hands Version) (JDR2)
Pictogram Count
Total Calories
Burnable (kCal)
Code Name ChainedToTheRhythm (JDR2)
Preview Audio
Choreographed By
Performed By

"Chained To The Rhythm" by Katy Perry ft. Skip Marley is featured on Just Dance Planet, Just Dance Goals 2, and Just Dance Realness 2. It is also featured on Just Dance Fitted 2 without Skip Marley.




The coach is a female with the following:

  • She has short blue and green hair.
  • She has a top with tiger motifs.
  • She wears a black skirt.
  • The coach wears golden high heels.


The coach has the following:

  • She has short purple and blue hair.
  • She has now a top with green tiger motifs.
  • She stills wears a black skirt.
  • The coach wears pink high heels.


The background is a big pink/purple room in the chorus the background zooms in. In the refrain the background is purple with a white big disco ball.

Gold Moves

There are 2 Gold Moves in this routine.

Gold Move 1: She jumps with her arms punching the roof

Gold Move 2: She turns around and puts her arm on her shoulders


The mashup has these songs in sequential order:


  • The routine was aviable the day after the song was released to public.
  • Katy was such a b***h that a week after the DLC was released, it had to be removed from the Shop. Players who downloaded it before it was removed can still play the song.