Here, you will find how to make a proper Fanmade Game Guide.

Released: NARelease Date 1
AURelease Date 2
EURelease Date 3
System(s): Consoles
Developed by: Developer's Name
Published by: Publisher's Name
Genre(s): Dance, Rhythm
Rating(s): ERSB Rating, Pegi Rating
Preceded by: Game

[Fanmade Game Title]  is the latest installment in the [Just Dance Game] series. The game is planned to be released [Game's Release Date]

Gameplay & Features

List all of the game's features.


Do not use the old, outdated table, seen on your right, under the 'Add features and media' tab. Use the new updated table, to look updated. Add as many extra columns as you'd like, but you need at least 3 per section.

The game will consist of [enter track total] tracks.
Song Artist Square
Song Title Artist Square


Song Artist Type/Mode Square
Song Artist Type/Mode Square

Party Master

Song Artist Square
Song Artist Square


Note that Themes, Icon Dancer, etc. isn't always necessary.

Song Artist Theme Icon Dancer Square
Song Artist Theme Icon Dancer Square

Showtime (if applicable)

Song Artist Square
Song Artist Square

Extra Mode (if applicable)

Song Artist Square
Song Artist Square


Add interesting facts here.


Add as many photos as you'd like. Just note that all Beta Elements should go to the Beta Element's page.

Videos (if applicable)

Add your videos here.

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