This game isn't finished at the moment and is currently in progress. Please be patient.

Track List


Artist Year Mode Icon
So Many Ways To Be Wicked Cast of Descendants 2017 Dance Crew Mawwl
Que Sera Hannah Montana 2009 Solo
Poor Unfortunate Souls Pat Carrol 1989 Solo Oenfwof
How Far I Go Aulii Colvalio 2016 Duet J bsijvbsdov
The Gospel Truth The Girls 1997 Dance Crew
Happy Working Song Amy Adams 2007 Solo
Like Me Cast of Teen Beach Movie 2013 Duet Afiweufbowuf
Friend Like Me Robin WIlliams 1993 Duet
Heigh Ho Cast of Snow White 1937 Dance crew Fnsgsnfwnfwenfwenfw

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