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Just Dance: JD4SURVIVOR (Updated Version)
Released: AllMay 5th, 2019
System(s): Nintendo's B*tch, Wii Kazoo, XBOCKS TRIENTA, PS45
Developed by: RamJam74 Studios
Published by: Ubisoft
Genre(s): Dance, Rhythm
Rating(s): E10+, PEGI 3, 0+
Preceded by: Just Dance: JD4SURVIVOR 2
Succeeded by: Just Dance: JD4SURVIVOR 3

Just Dance: JD4SURVIVOR (Updated Version) is the third installment in the Just Dance: JD4SURVIVOR franchise. The game represents the first, but all songs have been remade. The game will be released on May 5th, 2019 worldwide.


  • World Dance Floor - Dance with others around the world with World Dance Floor! A random song will be up for play, reach number 1 for bragging rights! Participate in activities like Boss Battles, Karaoke Wars, and more, where you can win special prizes if you come 1st, 2nd, or 3rd!
  • Just Create - Tired of playing the boring choreographies of our game? Well try Just Create, and create a super difficult choreography for your fans to curse at you for.
  • Dance Quests - A special tournament, aimed at whatever difficulty you like! Dance against 8 CPU's, and aim for 1st place! There are 13 quests, and try your best to earn a 1st place cup on all of them!
  • Party Master Mode - Ever had a squad member left out? That 5th person can now join in and force you to do whatever is on screen! Casual.
  • Dance Mashup - Like Party Master Mode, but the squad member doesn't choose the dancers.
  • Just Sweat - A mode that no one will use. But it helps a lot or whatever.


  • An (E) represents a song exclusive to the game's remake.
  • An (D) represents that the routine was done with a different coach, but the same choreography.
 The game consists of 41 songs, 4 being exclusive to the remake.
Song Artist Mode Old Square New Square
Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf Rob Cantor Duet ShiaLaBeoufSquare Shia cover generic
All Star (E) Smash Mouth Solo N/A AllStar cover generic
Campfire Song Spongebob ft. Patrick Duet CampfireSongSqaure CampfireSongSquareRemake
Disco Inferno The Trampps Solo (Trio) DiscoInfernoSquare DiscoInfernoRemake
Dr. Jean's Banana Dance Dr. Jean Solo DrJeanBananaSquareRemake BananaDanceSquare
Downtown Macklemore Trio DownTownSquareFanJD4 DowntownRemakeSquare
FANTASTIC BABY BIG BANG Solo Fantasticbaby cover generic FantasticBabyJDJD4
Fire Burning Sean Kingston Solo FireBurningSquare FireBurningRemake
Gonna Fly Now Bill Conti Solo JustRockySquare GonnaFlyNow cover generic
Hangover Psy ft. Snoop Dogg Duet HangoverSquare Hangover cover generic
Heathens Twenty-One Pilots Solo HeathensSquare HeathensRemake
Hideaway Kiesza Solo HideawaySquare Hideaway Cover generic
Hotline Bling Drake Solo HotlineBlingSquare HotlineBlingRemake
I Didn't Hit Her RiceGum Solo RiceGumRoastingMedley RiceGum cover generic
I Found A Way Drake Bell Duet IFoundAWaySquare IFoundAWayRemakeSquare
I Took A Pill In Ibiza Mike Posner Solo ITookAPillInIbizaSquareJD4S IbizaSquare
I Write Sins Not Tragedies Panic! At The Disco Solo IWriteSinsSquare SinsNotTragedies
In My Head Jason Derulo Solo M/A InMyHead cover generic
Just Kirby Ubisoft Meets Nintendo Solo KirbyDreamLandSquare Justkirbysquareremake
Juicy The Notorious B.I.G Solo JuicySquare Juicyremakesquare
Let's Get It Started (E) The Black Eyed Peas Solo N/A StartedBEP cover generic
Lips Are Movin' Meghan Trainor Solo LipsAreMovinSquare LipsAreMovin cover generic
Mom's Spaghetti Eminem Solo Mom'sSpaghettiSquare MomsSpaghettiremake
One More Time Daft Punk Duet OneMoreTimeSquare OneMoreTime cover generic
Panda Desiigner Solo PandaSquare PandaSquareUpdate
Physical (D) Olivia Newton-John Duet PhysicalSquare Physical cover generic
Sax Fleur East Solo SaxSquare SaxSquareRemake
Scream and Shout ft. Britney Spears Duet ScreamAndShoutSquare ScreamAndShout cover generic
So Good B.O.B Solo Sogood Sogoodsquare jdyas
Sorry Justin Bieber Solo SorrySquare Sorry cover generic
Stressed Out (D) Twenty-One Pilots Duet StressedOutSquare StressedOut cover generic
Style (E) Taylor Swift Solo N/A Style cover generic
The Hills The Weeknd Solo TheHillsSquare TheHills cover generic
The Pikachu Song Internet Memes Solo PikachuSongSquare Pikachusong cover generic
This is What You Came For Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna Solo ThisIsWhatYouCameForSquare WhatYouCame cover generic
Thriller Michael Jackson Duet ThrillerSquare Thriller cover generic
Tight Pants (Body Rolls) Leslie Hall Solo BodyRolls BodyRollsSquare
Time Of Our Lives (D) Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo Solo TimeOfMyLifeJDNewSquare TimeOfMyLife cover generic
Trololo Eduard Khil Duet TrollJDSquare Trololo cover generic
US National Anthem (Trap Remix) John S. Smith Duet USNationalAnthemSquare NationalAnthemSquare
What Do You Mean Justin Bieber Solo WhatDoYouMeanSquareORI WhatDoYouMeanRemakeSquare


Themed Alternates

Themed alternates are just different versions of the song, but they have a theme to them. The versions are usually comedic, and they can be unlocked by spending 20 mojo coins (20 points collected from stars) on them. If you get 5 stars on all themed alternates, you will receive golden avatars for all songs.

  • An (E) represents that this alternate is exclusive to this game.
The game consists of 14 themed alternate versions, 5 being exclusive to the game.
Song Artist Mode Old Square New Square
All Star (In The Swamps) (E) Smash Mouth Solo N/A AllStarALT cover generic
Campfire Song (Angry Dance) Spongebob ft. Patrick Solo CampfireDanceAlternate CampfireSongALTSquareRemake
Dr. Jean's Banana Dance (Rasta Banana) Dr. Jean Solo BananaDanceALTSquare BananaAlt
Fire Burning (Military Edition) Sean Kingston Duet FireBurningSquareAlt FireBurningALT cover generic
Heathens (Ninja Version) (E) Twenty-One Pilots Solo N/A HeathensALT cover generic
Hotline Bling (Phone A Friend) Drake Duet HotlineBlingPhoneSquare HotlineBlingALTRemake
Sax (Nerd Version) Fleur East Solo SaxALTSquare SaxAltRemake
Style (Emojis) (E) Taylor Swift Duet N/A StyleALT cover generic
The Pikachu Song (Kanto Starters) Internet Memes Duet PikachuSongALTSquare PikachuSongALT cover generic
This Is What You Came For (Kimono Version) (E) Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna Solo N/A WhatYouCameALT cover generic
Tight Pants (Body Rolls) (Roar Jig) Leslie Hall Duet TightPantsALTSquare TightPantsALT cover generic
US National Anthem (Trap Remix) [Extreme Version] John S. Smith Solo ObamaSquare AnthemAlt
What Do You Mean? (Sweat Version) Justin Bieber Solo WhatDoYouMeanSweatSquare WhatDoYouMeanALT


Extremes are the hardest mode in the game for alternate versions. To unlock 1 extreme version, you need to get 5 stars on 5 songs. To get all 8, you need 5 stars on 40 songs. Extreme versions are unlocked at random. If you 5 star all extreme versions TWICE, you will receive diamond avatars for all songs.

The game consists of 8 extremes, 1 being exclusive to the game.
Song Artist Mode Old Square New Square
FANTASTIC BABY BIG BANG Solo FantasticBabyExtremeSquare FantasticBabyEXT cover generic
Fire Burning Sean Kingston Solo FireBurningExtremeSquare FireBurningEXT cover generic
Hideaway Kiesza Solo HideawayExtremeSquare HideawayEXT cover generic
One More Time Daft Punk Solo OneMoreTimeExtremeSquare OneMoreTimeEXT cover generic
Stressed Out Twenty-One Pilots Solo StressedOutExtremeSquare StressedOutEXT cover generic


The following songs appeared in the original game, but were not present in the remake.

Song Artist Mode Old Square
Get Ugly Jason Derulo Trio GetUglySquare

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