Just Dance: JD4SURVIVOR 3
Released: AllAugust 1st, 2020
System(s): Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Xbox One, PS4
Developed by: James Studios
Published by: Ubisoft
Genre(s): Dance, Rhythm
Rating(s): E10+, PEGI 3, 0+
Preceded by: Just Dance: JD4SURVIVOR (Updated Version)
Succeeded by: Just Dance: JD4SURVIVOR 4

Just Dance: JD4SURVIVOR 3 is the fourth game in the Just Dance: JD4SURVIVOR franchise. It will be released worldwide on August 1st, 2020.


  • Just Create - Tired of playing the boring choreographies of our game? Well try Just Create, and create a super difficult choreography for your fans to curse at you for.
  • Worldwide - Play with your friends away live, by planning a Just Dance Hangout! Get your friends together, even when you are miles apart, and dance to songs with them! Enter a specific room number on the console, from your friends, and play songs together! The winner picks!
  • World Dance Floor - Dance with others around the world with World Dance Floor! A random song will be up for play, reach number 1 for bragging rights! Participate in activities like Boss Battles, Karaoke Wars, and more, where you can win special prizes if you come 1st, 2nd, or 3rd!
  • Dance Mashup - Your favorite songs with the added challenge of dancers from previous songs being mashed up together to make one big choreography.
  • Just Sweat - Workout your ribcage and get fit for the new year!
  • VIPMADE - Dance to your favorite choreographs with the help of some famous celebrities like Katy Perry, Pewdiepie, and more!
  • Alternate Routines - Dance to new choreographs of your favorite songs. Extreme versions for a very hard dance challenge, Sweat versions to help burn off a few calories, and Themed alternates to give you a small challenge.


 The game consists of 48 songs.
Song Artist Year Mode Square
2 Legit 2 Quit MC Hammer 1991 Solo 2Legit cover generic
Alive Sia 2016 Solo Alive cover generic
Bad Blood Taylor Swift 2014 Solo BadBlood cover generic
Bangarang Skrillex 2011 Solo BangarangSquare
Blue Suede Shoes Elvis Presley 1956 Solo SuedeShoes cover generic
Break The Rules Charli XCX 2014 Solo BreakTheRules cover generic
Bubble Pop HYUNA 2016 Solo BubblePop
Chained to the Rhythm Katy Perry 2017 Solo ChainedRhythm cover generic
Cold Water Major Lazor ft. Justin Bieber and MØ 2016 Solo ColdWater cover generic
Come & Get It Selena Gomez 2013 Duet ComeGet cover generic
Confident Justin Bieber 2013 Solo ConfidentSquare
Death By Glamour Toby Fox 2015 Solo DeathByGlamourSquare
Despacito (Remix) Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Bieber 2017 Solo Despacito cover generic
Escape Rupert Holmes 1979 Duet Escape cover generic
Face To Face Daft Punk 2001 Solo FaceToFace cover generic
Feelings Maroon 5 2015 Solo Feelings cover generic
Headroll (Dance Till You're Dead) Yeah Yeah Yeahs 2009 Solo Headroll cover generic
Heroes (We could be) Alesso ft. Tove Lo 2015 Solo Heroes cover generic
How Bad Can I Be Eddy Helms 2013 Solo HowBad covergeneric
I Got You Bebe Rexha 2016 Solo IGotYou cover generic
iSpy KYLE ft. Lil' Yachty 2016 Duet ISpy cover generic
Last Friday Night Katy Perry 2011 Solo LastFridayNight cover generic
Levels Avicii 2011 Solo Levels cover generic
LGBT Cupcakke 2016 Duet LGBT cover generic
Like a G6 Far East Movement ft. The Cataracs and DEV 2010 Duet LikeAG6 cover generic
Me Too Meghan Trainor 2015 Duet MeToo cover generic
Pumped Up Kicks Foster the People 2011 Solo PumpedKicks cover generic
Rather Be Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne 2014 Solo RatherBe cover generic
Resonance Home 2014 Solo Resonance cover generic
Roundabout YES 1971 Duet RoundaboutSquare
Sandstorm Darude 2001 Solo Sandstorm cover generic
Shape Of You Ed Sheeran 2017 Solo ShapeOfYou cover generic
SKYLAR SPENCE SAINT PEPSI 2013 Solo SkylarSpence cover generic
Soap Melanie Martinez 2015 Solo Soap cover generic
Sorry for Party Rockin LMFAO 2012 Solo PartyRockin' cover generic
Spiderman D!ck Cupcakke 2016 Duet SpidermanD!ckSquare
Spooky Scary Skeletons (Remix) The Living Tombstone 2013 Duet SpookyScary cover generic
Sugar Maroon 5 2015 Solo Sugar cover generic
Sun Goes Down T-Pain 2015 Duet SunGoesDown cover generic
Swish Swish Katy Perry 2017 Solo SwishSwishJD4 cover generic
Tell Your World Hatsune Miku 2012 Solo TellYourWorld cover generic
That's What I Like Bruno Mars 2017 Solo WhatILike cover generic
The Hero!! JAM PROJECT 2015 Solo TheHero cover generic
The Same Parts Tatianna 2016 Solo SameParts cover generic
Thrift Shop Macklemore 2013 Solo ThriftShop cover generic
World Is Mine Hatsune Miku 2008 Solo WorldIsMine cover generic
Wii Shop Music Nintendo 2006 Duet WiiShopMusic cover generic


Themed Alternates

 The game consists of 13 themed alternates, but only 2 are revealed.
Song Artist Version Mode Square
Feelings Maroon 5 Foodies! Trio FeelingsALT cover generic
Resonance Home Jesus Panda Solo ResonanceALT cover generic
Swish Swish Katy Perry Backpack Kid Solo SwishSwishALT cover generic


 The game consists of 4 vipmades.
Song Artist Celebrity Square
Bubble Pop HyunA HyunA BubblePopVIP cover generic
Chained to the Rhythm Katy Perry Katy Perry ChainedVIP cover generic
Face to Face Daft Punk Daft Punk FaceToFaceVIP cover Generic
Roundabout YES Pewdiepie RoundaboutVIP cover generic


The game consists of 15 mashups, but only 9 are revealed.
Song Theme Gold Moves Icon
BAEBAE K-Pop No BAEBAE cover mashup
Death By Glamour Superheroes Yes DeathByGlamour cover mashup
Feelings Couples Yes FeelingsMU cover generic
Pumped Up Kicks Purple Yes PumpedKicks mashup
Roundabout Disco Yes Roundabout cover mashup
Soap Loners No SoapMU cover generic
Sun Goes Down Tough Dude No SunGoesDownMU cover generic
Swish Swish Sporty Yes SwishSwish mashup
That's What I Like Groovy Oldies No WhatILikeMU cover generic




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