From the creators who bought you Just Dance Star, bring you Just Dance: The Taylor Swift EDITION!! With over +35 tracks from her hit albums like 1989, RED AND MORE!!! The game will be coming out in February 2018 on all consoles! You can play up to 6 players and even on your phone! Now we all think that T-Swift is a SNAKE, but you gotta admit, her music is nice, so thats why were making the game!!!


-Play up to +6 players on your phone using the app!

-World Dance Floor is also back and it features a special Beat

-Taylor event that happens every month with a live T-Swift experience!

-Record your Dance and get a chance to let Taylor Swift herself see you.

-Special Offers for Taylor Merch is also valid when bought game.


-Sparks Fly

- In this mode you must try your best and push it to the LIMIT, for this to happen you must get 13000 points in order to unlock this mode. To start (from any song in the track list) you must push yourself and get higher scores each time, this way you will earn medals and a special surprise!

-Welcome to New York

-Is an easy game mode especially made for people who are new to the game or are younger with 8 songs picked out from the track list and re-made!

-Out of the Woods

-You are stuck in the middle of the woods, you must dance your way out in order to survive.


Contains 40 tracks all in alphabetical order by name on all consoles!

JDS= The song has carried on from Just Dance Star OR was originally on it.

SPECIAL EDITION= Special track unlocked after achieving certain accomplishments

40 Songs and 32 NOT including SPECIAL EDITION tracks!

Main track list and for Sparks Fly game mode:

Song: Aritist Game mode Year Song Square
Blank Space (JDS) Taylor Swift Solo 2014
Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 5.48.39 pm
22 (JDS) Taylor Swift Solo 2012
Shake it Off Taylor Swift Trio 2014
I Don't Wanna Live Forever Taylor Swift, ZAYN Solo 2016
Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 8.42.52 pm
Wildest Dreams Taylor Swift Solo 2014
We Are Never Getting Back Together Taylor Swift Duet 2012
Bad Blood


Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar Solo 2014
Out of the Woods Taylor Swift Quatret 2014
I Knew You Were Trouble Taylor Swift Trio 2012
Both Of Us


B.O.B ft. Taylor Swift Solo 2012
Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 7.51.01 pm
Safe and Sound Taylor Swift, The Civil War Trio 2012
You Belong With Me Taylor Swift Duet 2008


Taylor Swift Quatret 2012
Eyes Open Taylor Swift Trio 2012
Style Taylor Swift Duet 2014
New Romantic (SPECIAL EDITION) Taylor Swift Solo 2015
Our Song Taylor Swift Quatret 2006
Clean Taylor Swift Trio 2014
Fearless Taylor Swift Quatret 2008
Look What You Made me Do Taylor Swift Solo 2017
Delicate Taylor Swift Solo 2017
End Game Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran and Future Duet 2017
Ready For It...


Taylor Swift Trio 2017
I Did Something Bad Taylor Swift Solo 2017
Speak Now Taylor Swift Quatret 2010
Love Story Taylor Swift Duet 2008
Wonderland Taylor Swift Trio 2014
...So It Goes Taylor Swift Trio 2017
Gorgeous Taylor Swift Solo 2017
All You Had To Do Was Stay Taylor Swift Quatret 2014
Call It What You Want Taylor Swift Duet 2017
This Love Taylor Swift Duet 2017
Everything Has Changed Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran Duet 2012
Mean Taylor Swift Solo 2010
Fearless Taylor Swift Duet 2008
Come In With The Rain (SPECIAL EDITION) Taylor Swift Trio 2008
Our Song Taylor Swift Quatret 2006
Long Live


Taylor Swift Quatret 2010
Tim McGraw Taylor Swift Solo 2006
Tear Drop On My Guitar


Taylor Swift Trio 2006


5 have been Confirmed!

22 Taylor Swift Birthday Party version Quatret 2012
We Are Never Getting Back Together Taylor Swift PJ/Slumber/Sleepover Version Trio 2012
I Don't Wanna Live Forever Taylor Swift, ZAYN Chair Dancer version Duet 2016
Shake It Off Taylor Swift Ballet Version Solo 2014
Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 7.57.41 pm
Red Taylor Swift ALL RED version Duet 2012
Mean Taylor Swift KATY VS TAYLOR version Duet 2010
Bad Blood Taylor Swift Fight/Combat Version Quatret 2014
Love Story Taylor Swift Fairy Tale Version Duet 2010
Look What You Made me Do Taylor Swift Sing-Along Version Solo 2017


In total there will be 8 re-made tracks, so far 4 have been confirmed and 1 unknown with only a dance mode!

Style Taylor Swift Quatret 2014
Red Taylor Swift Trio 2012
You Belong With Me Taylor Swift Duet 2010
Our Song Taylor Swift Solo 2008
Ready For It... Taylor Swift Quatret 2017
Mean Taylor Swift Trio 2010
Tim McGraw Taylor Swift Duet 2006
Bad Blood Taylor Swift Solo 2014

*NOTE, this is fanmade!


- There are 8 Special Edition songs, one from each album/deluxe version.

Pictures + Teaser