Just Dance Israel

Just Dance Israel is the first time in the series that puts in

Just Dance Israel
Just dance israel
Released: Israel, 3rd May
System(s): Xbox One, PS4 and PC
Developed by: Ubisoft Paris
Published by: Ubisoft
Genre(s): Dance, Rhythm
Rating(s): PEGI 3

Gameplay Features

  • ''Dance Party'' mode, where players can either work together with a common score bar or play against each other.
  • ''World Video Challenge'' mode, where players send videos of their performances and challenge their friends and the whole Just Dance community to beat their score.
  • JDTV , where players can watch community made videos and fan made dances.
  • Sweat + Playlist mode, Make workouts fun by creating playlists with your favorite tracks, or launching the non-stop shuffle mode! Track your calories burnt, time spent dancing, and number of songs played!
  • Just Dance Machine mode,where you dance to various music styles to help fuel energy to an alien spaceship.
  • World Dance Floor


Song Artist Year Mode Square
Zahav Static & Ben El Tavori 2017 Trio
Denis Denis (What Will Be With You?) Ilan Peled & Henri 2015 Solo
Metuka Mehaha'eem Dedi Dadon 2016 Solo
Lo Hooqit Agas Cimel 2017 Solo
Hapes Oti Bereeshon Agas Cimel 2017
Shir ha mondial 2014 Srutonim 2014
Lama Hitlkalkel hadud GuyTV 2014
Matok kshe marley Eliad Nahum 2015
Yeled shel aba Mooki 2013
Matanot ktanot Rami Kleinstein 2014
Derech hashalom Pe'er Tasi 2014
Silsulim Static and Ben el tavori 2016
Veteta'aru lachem Shlomo Arzi 2006
Orot Avraham Tal 2010
Shishi Batzohoraim Eyal Golan 2015
Hee rak rotza leercod Moshe Peretz and Omer


Killer Noa Kirrel 2015
Yareach malle Adi Beatty 2016
Barbie Static and Ben el tavori 2015
Ossim ktzitzot sartanim SpongeBob SquarePants 2017
Lama lee Sarit Hadad 2016
Tazizu Eden Ben Zaken 2016
Mesiba behaifa Ha Ultras, Itay Levi, and DJ Aylon Matana 2016
Chofshia Catrix and Doron Biton 2016
Shachrer Oded Paz with Catrix and Doron Biton 2016
ZZBZ (PPAP parody) Oded Paz and the Bitiot 2016
DubiGal Ron Nesher 2015
Cmo BeRio Agam Buhbut 2015
Geshem geshem Mitaftef Jihan Jaber 2017
Mactuv Eiv and Lir 2016
Aba Shlomi Shabbat 2011
Pokemon Go (parody) Shachar Soikis 2016
Shavim Ali Botner and Ran Banker 2011

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