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This is a Just Dance Forever Wiki Exclusive Game, meaning it will only be available on this wiki.
This game isn't finished at the moment and is currently in progress. Please be patient.
Just Dance Pine
Released: NANovember 32, 2048
AUDecember 82, 4052
EUJuly 02, 2083
System(s): PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, Wii (NINTENDO SWITCH IS NOT SUPPORTED)
Developed by: Temple Studios
Published by: EA GAMES
Genre(s): Dance, Rhythm
Rating(s): +1

Just Dance Pine is 12389123th game of Just Dance series.

The game will be released on %%(!/'ESDSADAS8111111ErrOrr!'"

Gameplay & Features

  • Just Dance Framana (10th-Gen and Wii only)[1]
    • The dance-on-demand service is back and brings fresh content to all game modes!
    • More than 3200+ songs will be available at launch and more content, including EXCLUSIVE songs, will be added throughout the year!
    • 3200+ tracks are at your fingertips with the included three-month trial of Just Dance Framana.
  • World "Twerk n Money" Floor (Xbox One only)
    • Make a Twerk Competition with everyone in The World!
    • Beat them and won Twerk Competition.
    • End of Competition you will get $1500.
    • Don't forget that you will need Kinect.
  • Dead One, Two (Wii only)
    • If you dance till you dead you will won competition.
    • and game will give you money that you could not ever see...
    • The money is $39399392ueu1ı!(!(!(éeError11!)









*(S) this means the song is created special for this game.

 This song list is not completed yet. More song(s) will confirmed. This is the only one confirmed.
Song Artist Year Mode Difficulty Dancer(s)
Elfless Village Rose Crow 1987 Solo Normal

Alternates (TBA)

Song Artist Type/Mode Square
Song Artist Type/Mode Square

Mashups (TBA)

Song Artist Theme Icon Dancer Square
Song Artist Theme Icon Dancer Square


  • This game is the best game on Just Dance series. (Confirmed by Barack Obama)
  • This is the only game that every console has different ESRB.

Behind The Scenes




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