'Just Dance Slay: Mobile' or 'Just Dance Slay: The App' is a free downloadable app (with paid purchases) produced for the Just Dance Slay series on 8th gen consoles and the Nintendo Switch. A beta version has been released for Just Dance Slay 2 which is free if the game is owned. Another demo will be relaesed where the player can play QWOJII- This can be used forever for free.

Just Dance Slay: Mobile
Released: 29th March 2017
System(s): Apple, Android, Windows
Developed by: Ubisoft, JDisbae Corp.
Genre(s): Games
Rating(s): 4+

Just Dance Slay 2


Use your smartphone on XboxOne, PS4 and WiiU copies to 6 select songs as a demo for FREE from the 29th of March to the 15th of April. Simply update your game and select the new 'Slay App Demo' section on the nemu! Songs available are:


  • Euphoria by Loreen
  • I Wanna Be Neenja by Jan Murphy
  • Side To Side by Ariana Grande featuring Nicki Minaj
  • Shake It Up by Selena Gomez
  • MiMiMi by Serebro
  • Paris by The Chainsmokers

Just Dance Slay 3


The paid service app allows the player to have access to exclusive tracks along with classic recycled maps and avatars along with the ability to use the smart device as a controller for dancing. It has been confirmed that mashups will feature in the service. To play these maps, a phone is not required to dance- just the existing subscription. It is also of note internet is needed to stream the tracks.

Exclusive Songs

(D)- Indicates the song can be played for free in the app demo.
(F)- Indicates the song is permanently free to play.

The game will be updated with Tracks, the game currently only comes with one track.
Song Artist Year Mode Square Released Into Servers
Cold Maroon 5 2017 Solo
QWOJI (D) (F) Mx Qwerrrk 2017 Solo
Available at launch



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