'Just Dance Slay 4' Is the fourth installment in the Just Dance Slay series. It is produced by JDisbae Corp.

Just Dance Slay 4
Released: AllTBA
System(s): Wii U, Wii, XBOXONE, PS4, Nintendo Switch
Developed by: JDisbae Corp.
Published by: Ubisoft
Genre(s): Dance, Rhythm
Rating(s): E10+, PEGI 3, 0+
Preceded by: [Just Dance Slay 3]


  • Just Dance- Dance to all the tracks in the classic Just Dance mode you love or team up in a Battle for a party!
  • Mojo Store- Buy new alternates and mashups.
  • Just Sweat- Work up a sweat by dancing to your favourite songs.
  • Playlists- Create your own playlists here! New playlists created by the publishers will be added as well!
  • Showtime- Sing along to all songs on the tracklist!
  • Golden Star- Get the golden star for exclusive avatars!
  • The Dance Gym- Dance with people from all around the world and burn up a sweat together in classes that run ALL THE TIME!
  • Survivor- Play random songs and make it to the top and be the ultimate Survivor!
  • JDTV- Look at all new JD related news HERE!
  • Lottery- Bet your mojo coins online on LIVE JD battles, You may win big or lose big!
  • World dancefloor- Play online against as many people from around the world!


The game will feature a set new tracks. They are listed in-game in the order below on 7th gen and alphabetically on 8th gen
8 songs have been revealed so far
Song Artist Year Mode Dancer(s)
It Ain't Me Selena Gomez, Kygo 2017 Solo
Fashion! Lady Gaga 2013 Solo
Nothing Really Matters Madonna 1998 Solo
NothingReallyMatters SLAY4SQUARE
Now Or Never Halsey 2017 Solo
Pretty Girls Britney Spears, Iggy Azalea 2015 Duet
Sizzlling C*m Danho 2017 Solo
Sizzling SLAY4SQUAREv2
Cpr CupcakKe 2017 Solo
Kiss It Better Rihanna 2016 Solo

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