Just Dance V.I.P.
Released: TBA
System(s): Wii, Wii U, NX, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC
Developed by: Mellisa
Published by: Heyppls Inc.
Genre(s): Dance, Rhythm

Just Dance Temptations is the first installment in the Just Dance Temptations franchise.

Gameplay and Features

Introducing all new game modes on PS4™, Xbox One™, Nintendo NX™, and Wii U™ consoles, with more focus on online and sharing features:

  • Squad Goals” mode, where players can either work together with a common score bar or play against each other, as in previous games.
  • Gym” mode, to customize workout sessions and exclusive choreographies to lose weight. $0.99 for 1 Week, $5.00 for 1 Month, $12.00 for 3 Months and $25.00 for 1 year.
  • Dance Quests” mode, completely different from its incarnation in Just Dance 4, where each quest has the player play through 3 pre-determined songs facing bots, trying to get one of the top 3 overall scores.
  • World Video Challenge” mode, where players send videos of their performances and challenge their friends and the whole Just Dance community to beat their score.
  • JDTV, where players can watch community made videos and fan made dances.
  • Introducing, a new feature for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo NX and Wii U where players sing, lip-sync, act, and/or perform in front of their cameras to create shareable music videos. Only select songs are available in this mode.
  • Additionally, Just Dance Temptations will also introduce Just Dance Thicc a new streaming service that will regularly deliver exclusive new content and offer subscribers 150 songs at launch. At launch, Extra Songs also offers 4 Unlimited Exclusive Dance Quests. This service is exclusive to Xbox One, Nintendo NX Wii U and PlayStation 4.
  • You can now use your smartphone as a controller to play the game on the Wii U, PS4, Nintendo NX and Xbox One. This allows Wii U and PS4 users to play with up to 6 players instead of 4, which is a feature previously exclusive to the Xbox One.
  • "Party Master Mode" Party Master returns, like previously as a Wii U exclusive. A fifth player can join and be the party’s DJ, using the Wii U gamepad to choose the songs and select the next dance moves.
  • Community Remix, DancergramVIP, Score Challenges, kCal TrackerAutodance and World Dance Floor (for 7th Gen consoles only)  are all returning features.



Track List

  • On Old-Gen, songs are arranged as shown below, but on New-Gen, they are alphabetical.
 The game contains 35 top-hit tracks.
Song Artist Year Mode Menu Square
Birthday Selena Gomez 2013 Solo TBA
Pedophile cucpakKe 2016 Solo TBA

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