Melanie Martinez: The Experience is the first installment in Ubisoft's Just Dance: The Experience series. The release date is still unknown.

Melanie Martinez: The Experience
Released: TBA
System(s): Wii U, Xbox One, Playstation 4
Developed by: Ubisoft, Emma's Studios
Published by: Ubisoft
Genre(s): Dance, pop, alternative, rhythm
Preceded by: N/A


The latest installment in the world famous dance game is here, but this time in a new series, inspired by your favorite artists! Just Dance: The Experience brings all the fun in the Just Dance games in a new way.

The first installment called Melanie Martinez: The Experience focuses on the alternative singer Melanie Martinez. She brought her doll-like charm to the routines! We are sure you will like at least one of the many routines. Featuring mega hits like: "Dollhouse", "Cry Baby", "Carousel", "Soap" and more! And it's all coming this summer to Wii U, Playstation 4 and Xbox One!

Gameplay and Features

Coming with many features for every console, Melanie Martinez: The Experience is sure to bring all the fun to your dance party!

  • Dance Party” mode, where players can either work together with a common score bar or play against each other, as in previous games.
  • "Little Body, Big Updates" is where you can follow Melanie on the road, and see all of her Twitter, Instagram and YouTube updates.
  • More to come soon, since I'm lazy lel.
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