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Song List

Song Year Mode Dancer(s)
What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me 2016 Dance Crew
Unleash The Magic 2015 Trio
Smile 2012 Solo
Cafeteria Song 2013 Dance Crew
Winter Wrap Up 2010 Solo
Pinkie Busters 2013 Dance Crew
Five Nights at Pinkies 2014 Solo
Friendship Games 2015 Dance Crew
Equestria Girls 2012 Solo
Californiagurls JDNOW
Dark Horse 2015 Trio
Uptown Funk 2016 Solo
Cheap Thrills(Brony Version) 2016 Solo
Pony Rock Anthem 2013 Solo


Song Year Mode Theme Dancer(s)
What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me 2016 Duet Best Friends 2.0
Five Nights at Pinkie's 2014 Solo Stopming Foot

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