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No T, No Shade, Just Dance 2
Ntnsjd2 cover
Released: August 28, 2017
System(s): Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Xbox One, PS4
Developed by: Bboy Studios
Published by: Panda Parade Games
Genre(s): Music, Rhythm
Preceded by: No Tea, No Shade, Just Dance
Succeeded by: N/A

No T, No Shade, Just Dance is the second installment of the No T, No Shade, Just Dance series. It is planned to

release on August 28, 2017 around the world.

Your favorite returning modes are coming back in this sass filled, no fucks game!

SNATCHED- Achieve the best score to rip the nasty weave off of your fellow dancers

Clubbing- Every weekend, players from around the world dance to as many songs as they can and get the best scores to help out their team. If your team wins, you get a crown above the avatar of your choice and 100 mojo coins.

Paparazzi- This feature is for the consoles with cameras only. On each dance, there is a runway move that when danced to, captures a picture. At the end you can either discard the photo or save it to your paparazzi wall.

Workout and Playlists- The new and improved sweat mode tracks calories instead of kcals. With a collection of over 20 sweat modes, you will keep in shape while having slaying those peasants!

Dance Quests- Dance Quests are back which increase in difficulty as you progress. After beating a quest, you get a diamond avatar if you are #1, silver avatar if you are #2, and a bronze avatar if you are #3.

Catwalk- Show your fierce moves on the catwalk. Pose for the camera and apply filters and stickers to create a bomb a*s tape!

Party Master-You get to control your fellow queens by choosing fabulous dance moves and poses.

Just Dance Crossover- Enjoy an all new experience. Songs from all different companies coming together for a subscription service to appeal to all!

VIPs- Dance with your favorite queens and get special avatars.

And the fabulous new modes-

Sashay Away- Join a story mode adventure as a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race! Compete against others to become America's Next Dancing Superstar!

Battle Mode- Recreate iconic lipsyncs and see who should Sashay Away!

Spoken Words- Recreate iconic moments in Untucked and the show itself!

Track List

Dance Song Artist Mode
Linda envangelista dance
Linda Evangelista Adam Joseph ft. Aja Solo
Ishoulda been blac chyna dance
I Shoulda Been Blac Chyna Nina Bonina Brown


Greedy Ariana Grande Solo
Dont call us square
Don't Call Us Charlie Hides Solo
Swish swish square
Swish Swish Katy Perry ft. Nicki Minaj Duet
The t square ntns
The T Alaska Thunderf*ck 5000 Solo
TBA C.L.A.T. Aja, Alexis Michelle, Peppermint, Sasha Velour Trio
Tsp ntnsjd square
The Same Parts Tatianna Solo
Rock it square
Rock It (To The Moon) RuPaul Solo

Spoken Word

Square Title Artist Mode
TBA Alexis Michele's Roast Alexis Michele Solo
TBA "This Is Not RuPaul's Best Friend Race" Lashawn Beyond ft. Jiggly Caliente Duet
TBA "I S A I D I F E L T" Phi Phi O Hara ft. Alyssa Edwards Duet
TBA Nina's Inner Sabotuer Nina Bonina Brown ft. Shea Coulee Duet
TBA "Your Tone Seems Very Pointed Right Now" Willam ft. Phi Phi O Hara Duet
TBA Sugar Daddy Shangela ft. Mimi Imfurst and Mariah Trio
TBA Roxxxy At The Bus Stop Roxxxy Andrews ft. RuPaul Duet


Dance Song Artist Mode
TBA Greedy Ariana Grande Masked Dance

Battle Mode

Dance Song Artist Mode
TBA I Wanna Go Britney Spears Trinity Taylor VS Charlie Hides
TBA It's Raining Men Martha Wash ft. RuPaul Sharon Needles VS Phi Phi O Hara


Party Master Mode


  • The Same Parts is the first song in the series to not have the white chroma key effect on the coach.
  • I Shoulda Been Blac Chyna is the first song in the series the has a coach with vitiligo.

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