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EURelease Date 3
System(s): Consoles
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Genre(s): Dance, Rhythm
Rating(s): ERSB Rating, Pegi Rating
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The CupcakKe Experience is the fourth game in the Experience franchise. The game was first teased on June 4th, 2017 and was officially revealed at E3 2017. The game has an unknown release date. List all of the game's features.


The game consists tracks from her four albums: Cum Cake, S.T.D., Audacious, and Queen Elizabitch.

  • Single - Song is not assigned to an album.
The game will consist of 52 tracks.
Song Artist Year Album Menu Square
Homework (Intro) cupcakKe 2016 Audacious
Spider-Man Dick cupcakKe 2016 Audacious
Oppurtunity cupcakKe 2016 S.T.D.
33rd cupcakKe 2017 Queen Elizabitch
LGBT cupcakKe 2016 Audacious
Doggy Style cupcakKe 2016 S.T.D.
Motherlands cupcakKe 2016 S.T.D.
Biggie Smalls cupcakKe 2017 Queen Elizabitch
Deepthroat cupcakKe 2015 Cum Cake
Scraps cupcakKe 2017 Queen Elizabitch
Furniture cupcakKe 2016 Cum Cake
Best Dick Sucker cupcakKe 2016 S.T.D.
Toys "R" Us cupcakKe 2017 Queen Elizabitch
Cool Fuck cupcakKe 2016 Audacious
Shook cupcakKe 2015 Single
Simple As That cupcakKe 2013 Single
Budget cupcakKe 2016 Audacious
Money cupcakKe 2013 Single
Sweet n Low cupcakKe 2016 Cum Cake
Sex on the First Day cupcakKe 2015 Single
Rumble cupcakKe 2015 Single
Yo Lost cupcakKe 2015 Cum Cake
Keep Hoes Alive cupcakKe 2016 Audacious
Lunch Break Kid Yugo Ft. cupcakKe 2016 Lunch Break
Barcodes cupcakKe 2017 Queen Elizabitch
Pedophile cupcakKe 2016 Cum Cake
Falling Fast Tucker William Ft. cupcakKe 2017 Falling Fast
Pu$$y Market Gumball Machine Ft. cupcakKe 2016 Pu$$y Market
Portions cupcakKe 2016 S.T.D.
Reality, Pt.1 - Pt.4 cupcakKe 2016 - 2017 Cum Cake, S.T.D., Queen Elizabitch
Pinocchio cupcakKe 2016 Cum Cake
Figgas Over N*ggas cupcakKe 2013 Single
Picking Cotton cupcakKe 2016 Audacious
Juicy Coochie cupcakKe 2015 Cum Cake
Quick Thought cupcakKe 2017 Queen Elizabitch
Author cupcakKe 2017 Queen Elizabitch
Mistress cupcakKe 2016 Audacious
Tit for Tat cupcakKe 2016 Cum Cake
Jumpman (Remix) cupcakKe 2016 S.T.D.
Cock a Doodle Doo cupcakKe 2017 Audacious
Search cupcakKe 2016 Cum Cake
CPR cupcakKe 2017 Queen Elizabitch
Situations cupcakKe 2016 Situations
Birth Mark cupcakKe 2016 Audacious
Lime cupcakKe 2016 Audacious
Interruption cupcakKe 2016 S.T.D.
Jesus cupcakKe 2016 Audacious
Civilized cupcakKe 2017 Queen Elizabitch
2 Bad Azz Bitches Brian Castle Ft. CupcakKe 2017 2 Bad Azz Bitches
Cumshot cupcakKe 2017 Queen Elizabitch
Lipgloss Charli XCX Ft. CupcakKe 2017 Number 1 Angel
Ace Hardware cupcakKe 2016 Audacious
Vagina cupcakKe 2015 Cum Cake


Song Artist Year Album Type/Mode Menu Square

Party Master

Song Artist Year Album Square


Song Artist Theme Icon Dancer Square


Song Artist Year Album Square




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