Well, the new game is coming out soon and I was wondering if anyone would like to request a song! If you'd like to request here are 3 rules to follow:

  1. Your song must be from the year 2010 or up, nothing below or else it will be ignored. Also make sure it has released and is not in waiting!
  2. Give me a very 'simple discription of how you might imagine your dancer square and it MIGHT 'make it onto the final verison.
  3. Do not include past songs, backgrounds or coaches used in Just Dance Star or the real Just Dance Series!!! 

In case your still confused here is an example:

Song: First Time - Kygo Ft. Ellie Goulding

Square description: Background - Aurora, Duet - boy and girl, Coach - Urban style outfits.

Thanks, JDANCER2004.


Song: Moonlight - Ariana Grande

Square description: Night dream background, Solo - girl, Coach - PJ's or Majestic outfit

Thanks, JDANCER2004.

Hope to hear from everyone, thanks so much!

Here is the OFFICIAL PAGE so you know what songs are already up: