artist year mode dancer character
Rat a tat

fall out boy ft. Courtney love

2013 solo B Colin the computer
Shut up and dance (JDU) (JD2016) walk the moon 2014 trio B/B/B red guy/ yellow guy/green guy
Spirits strumbrellas 2016 dance crew G/B/B/G Paige/tony the talking clock/Colin the computer/spinach can
Maru Maru Mori mori (JDWII2)

kaoru to tamoki and tama no mook

2011 duet B/B yellow guy/ shrignold
Go hard kreayshawn and DJ lil debbie 2012 trio B/B/B steak guy/shrignold/red guy
Wow beck 2016 solo B bunny boy
In this b**** (eng. Version) jay park 2015 trio G/G/B Paige/spinach can/lamp
House of gold twenty one pilots 2013 solo G paige
Peaches Presidents of the united states of america 1995 trio G/B/B Paige/lamp/steak guy
Unsteady x ambassadors 2016 solo B shrignold
Sorry Beyonce 2016 duet G/B spinach can/lamp
Mama said Lukas graham 2015 solo B tony the talking clock
King years & years 2015 trio B/B/B Saxophone/Lamp/Universe guy
Ducktales theme song cast of ducktales 1990? Solo G spinach can
Internet people

the meth minute 39

2007 solo B  steak guy
Paradise coldplay 2011 trio B/B/B yellow guy/red guy/green guy
Cake by the ocean (JD2017) dnce 2015 solo B Colin the computer
Converse high Bts (Bulletproof boy scouts) 2015 duet G/B Paige/bunny boy
Bad touch bloodhound gang 1999 solo B furry boy
The shrine an arguement fleet foxes 2011 trio B/G/B Bunny boy/Paige/lamp
Tea party kerli 2010 solo G spinach can
Trouble cage the elephant 2015 duet G/B  Paige/red guy
My name is eminem 1999 solo G paige
Sound of silence dami im 2015 dance crew B/B/B/G Red guy/green guy/yellow guy/spinach can
Helicopter bloc party 2004 solo B Colin the computer
Credit Meghan trainor 2015 Duet G/G Paige/ spinach can
Lowlife that poppy 2016 solo G spinach can
Who you loving Conrad sewell 2015 solo B furry boy
I took a pill in Ibiza mike posner 2015 trio G/B/G Paige/Colin the computer/Spinach can

Tip toe wing in my jawwwdinzz

Riff raff 2014 solo B red guy
Fire and the flood  Vance joy 2015 trio G/G/B spinach can/Paige/red guy
Every little thing Young the giant 2011 solo G spinach can
1901 pheonix 2010 trio G/B/B Paige/tony the talking clock/shrignold
Last song forever mtcgirls666 9999 dance crew G/B/G 90+player dance crew

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