Hello! It may occur to you that a new game show, Eye of a Dancer, has been stuck in my head. It's a challenge show, kinda like Wipeout, but you don't die... do you? Never mind about that. Let's get to business!


You will perform a bunch of challenges solo to try to get to the end of the challenge! Will you survive, or fall? When we get to the last five, it'll get harder, then harder, then harder. Until the winner is announced, who has the eye of a dancer!


Okay, every user gets a prize! Here's what the top three users will get:

3rd place: a bronze medal with Fancy on it

2nd place: a silver medal with Problem on it

1st place: a gold medal with your choice of the song!

How to Sign Up!

You will need...

Username: _________________

Favorite Just Dance Song: (If number is multiple, pick one)

(Many will enter, few will get in)

Sign ups start... NOW!

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