"Where My Baes At?" by Miranda Sings is featured on Just Dance You


P1 resembles Miranda Sings

  • Brown hair
  • Official purple shirt that says "Haters Back Off"
  • Miranda Sings' official "Haters Back Off" red sweatpants


The background is purple with words that says "Where My Baes At". In the chorus, the bacground turns into many different youtubers, dancing in parties with Miranda. These repersents her baes.

Gold Moves

There is one Gold Move repeated twice throughout the song.

Gold Move: Point your pointing finger to the screen.

Dance Quests

This song appears in the "Famous Youtubers" quest.


  • This is the first song sung by Miranda Sings
  • This is the first Youtube song. This is followed by Superluv
  • The dancer is performed by Colleen Ballinger


As placement-1